Collect kernel parameters related to networking

The sysctl collector reads kernel parameter settings from /proc/sys/net/ipv4 and /proc/sys/net/bridge on all nodes. This collector schedules a pod on every node using the specified image.


In addition to the shared collector properties, the sysctl collector accepts the following parameters:

namespace (Optional)

The namespace where the pods will be created. If not specified, the namespace that is currently set for the kubectl context is used.

image (Required)

The image to use for the pods scheduled on each node. This image should be accessible to the nodes in the cluster. The image must have a shell with the find, cat, and echo commands available.

timeout (Optional)

A duration that will be honored when collecting data. The timer should allow enough time to pull images if needed. Default: 1 minute

imagePullPolicy (Optional)

A valid, string representation of the policy to use when pulling the image. Default: IfNotPresent

imagePullSecret (Optional)

The same image pull secret options available to the copyFromHost collector are supported for the sysctl collector.

Example Collector Definition

apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
kind: SupportBundle
  name: sample
    - sysctl:
        collectorName: "sysctl network parameters"
        image: debian:buster-slim
        namespace: default
        imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
          name: my-temporary-secret
            .dockerconfigjson: ewoJICJhdXRocyI6IHsKzCQksHR0cHM6Ly9pbmRleC5kb2NrZXIuaW8vdjEvIjoge30KCX0sCgkiSHR0cEhlYWRlcnMiOiB7CgkJIlVzZXItQWdlbnQiOiAiRG9ja2VyLUNsaWVudC8xOS4wMy4xMiAoZGFyd2luKSIKCX0sCgkiY3JlZHNTdG9yZSI6ICJkZXNrdG9wIiwKCSJleHBlcmltZW50YWwiOiAiZGlzYWJsZWQiLAoJInN0YWNrT3JjaGVzdHJhdG9yIjogInN3YXJtIgp9
          type: kubernetes.io/dockerconfigjson

Included resources

When this collector is executed, it includes the following files in a support bundle:

/sysctl/[node name]

The sysctl parameters collected for each node are aggregated into a single file with the following format:

/proc/sys/net/ipv4/cipso_cache_bucket_size = 10
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/cipso_cache_enable = 1
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/cipso_rbm_optfmt = 0
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