Cluster Info

Including details about the Kubernetes cluster

The clusterInfo collector will add common information about a Kubernetes cluster.

This collector is a default collector and it will be automatically included in your collector spec if you don't include it. This collector cannot be removed.


The clusterInfo collector supports the shared collector properties and no additional parameters.

Example Collector Definition

apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
kind: SupportBundle
  name: sample
    - clusterInfo: {}

Included resources

When the clusterInfo collector is executed it will include the following file(s):


This file contains information describing the Kubernetes cluster version.

  "info": {
    "major": "1",
    "minor": "13",
    "gitVersion": "v1.13.6",
    "gitCommit": "abdda3f9fefa29172298a2e42f5102e777a8ec25",
    "gitTreeState": "clean",
    "buildDate": "2019-05-08T13:46:28Z",
    "goVersion": "go1.11.5",
    "compiler": "gc",
    "platform": "linux/amd64"
  "string": "v1.13.6"
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