Container Runtime

Analyzing the container runtime on each node of the Kubernetes cluster

The containerRuntime analyzer is used to analyze the container runtime(s) available in the cluster. The when attribute supports standard comparators to compare to the detected runtime.

The containerRuntime analyzer uses data from the clusterResources collector. The clusterResources collector is automatically added and will always be present.

The containerRuntime analyzer is based on the containerRuntimeVersion field that is available on each Kubernetes node. This is reflected in the following support bundle example under cluster-resources/nodes.json as:

"nodeInfo": {
  "containerRuntimeVersion": "docker://20.10.5",

The value for containerRuntimeVersion can also be retrieved by manually running the following command: kubectl get node [nodename] --no-headers -o=jsonpath='{.status..nodeInfo.containerRuntimeVersion}'

Example Output:


Some common container runtimes are:

  • containerd
  • docker
  • cri-o


There are no parameters available for this analyzer.

Example Analyzer Definition

apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
kind: Preflight
  name: no-gvisor
    - containerRuntime:
          - fail:
              when: "== gvisor"
              message: The application does not support gvisor
          - pass:
              message: A supported container runtime was found
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