Weave Report

Analyze Weave reports

The Weave analyzer runs several checks to detect problems with the Weave Container Network Interface (CNI) provider.


reportFileGlob: Filepath in the support bundle for collected Weave reports.

Example Analyzer Definition

apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
kind: SupportBundle
  name: weave-sample
    - exec:
        collectorName: weave-report
          - /home/weave/weave
          - --local
          - report
        containerName: weave
        exclude: ""
        name: kots/kurl/weave
        namespace: kube-system
          - name=weave-net
        timeout: 10s

    - weaveReport:
        reportFileGlob: 'kots/kurl/weave/kube-system/*/weave-report-stdout.txt'

Included Analyzers

IPAM Pool Utilization

A warning will be generated when at least 85% of the available IPs in the Weave subnet are in use by pods.

IPAM Pending Allocation

A warning will be generated when there are pods waiting to be allocated an IP. This indicates that there are currently no available IPs in the pool.

Connection Not Established

A warning will be generated when a connection between nodes is not in the established state. A connection in the pending state may indicate that UDP is blocked between nodes and a connection in the failed state may indicate that the Weave pod on the peer node is not ready.

Connection Protocol Sleeve

A warning will be generated when the connection between nodes is using the sleeve protocol rather than the fastdp protocol.

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