An OpenAPI Schema for this type is published at: https://github.com/replicatedhq/kots-lint/blob/master/kubernetes-json-schema/v1.17.0-standalone-strict/collector-troubleshoot-v1beta1.json.

Collectors Schema

apiVersion: troubleshoot.replicated.com/v1beta1
kind: Collector
  name: collectors
  collectors: []

Collector Schema

Each collector in the collectors array is one of the collectors defined in this section.

Shared Properties

The following properties are supported on all collectors:


Optionally, a collector can specify the collectorName property. This controls the exact path where the collector will be stored in the support bundle. If this property is not included, a generated path name that's relevant to the collector type and properties will be used.


For collectors that are optional, based on runtime available configuration, the conditional can be specified in the exclude property. This is useful for deployment techniques that allow templating for optional components (Helm and KOTS) When this value is false, the collector will not be included.

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