Cluster Pod Statuses

Detecting Kubernetes pods with certain statuses

The clusterPodStatuses analyzer is used to detect pods that have a certain status. The when attribute supports standard comparators to compare the status of the pod.

The clusterPodStatuses analyzer uses data from the clusterResources collector. The clusterResources collector is automatically added and will always be present.

The outcomes on this analyzer will be processed in order for each pod, and execution will stop after the first outcome that is truthy.


namespaces: (Optional) The namespaces to look for the pods in. If not specified, it will default to all namespaces.

Example Analyzer Definition

apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
kind: Preflight
  name: pods-are-healthy
    - clusterPodStatuses:
        name: unhealthy
          - default
          - myapp-namespace
          - fail:
              when: "== CrashLoopBackOff"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in a CrashLoopBackOff state.
          - fail:
              when: "== ImagePullBackOff"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in a ImagePullBackOff state.
          - fail:
              when: "== Pending"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in a Pending state.
          - fail:
              when: "== Evicted"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in a Evicted state.
          - fail:
              when: "== Terminating"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in a Terminating state.
          - fail:
              when: "== Init:Error"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in an Init:Error state.
          - fail:
              when: "== Init:CrashLoopBackOff"
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is in an Init:CrashLoopBackOff state.
          - fail:
              when: "!= Healthy" # Catch all unhealthy pods. A pod is considered healthy if it has a status of Completed, or Running and all of its containers are ready.
              # {{ .Status.Reason }} displays the current status of the pod, while {{ .Status.Message }} provides a detailed explanation of why the pod is unhealthy, based on logged events.
              message: Pod {{ .Namespace }}/{{ .Name }} is unhealthy with a status of {{ .Status.Reason }}. Message is {{ .Status.Message }} 
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