Disconnected support and validation for Kubernetes applications

Codify your support analysis to run offline and enable your customers to self-remediate

Start by codifying what you want to collect and analyze.

Add preflights

Preflight checks

Collectors and Analyzers validate before installation.

Checks pass

Deploy your app

Application is deployed to your customers.

Customer issue

Support bundle

Collectors and Analyzers reveal the source of issues.

Repeat cycle

Validate an environment before an application is installed to prevent common errors


Without installing anything to the cluster, Preflight analyzes the environment, comparing it to your requirements.

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A visual report is generated to highlight where the environment doesn’t meet your requirements.

Learn more about reporting

When something isn’t working right, eliminate the back and forth, async debugging by collecting everything at once


Without installing anything in to the cluster, data is collected from your application based on what was defined in your collector.

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Sensitive information is redacted from a support bundle and is never stored, keeping your data safe and secure.

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Without installing anything to the cluster, your Support bundle is analyzed and insights are surfaced to help you debug and resolve issues.

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