Maintaining compatibility

troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2 was introduced in preflight and support-bundle krew plugin version 0.9.39 and Kots version 1.19.0. Users writing preflight checks or support-bundle definitions targetting those releases or later should make use of v1beta2. If you are writing checks and bundles solely for the standalone krew plugins, then you can reasonably expect people can easily upgrade to a newer version, so you can still target v1beta2. But if you are bundling up your preflight checks and support-bundle definitions into a Kots application, and your users are using older versions, or you have a mix of users on older and newer versions, you need to take care to maintain backwards and forwards compatibility.

Kots 1.19.0+ supports both troubleshoot.replicated.com/v1beta1 and troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2, so the easiest thing to do would be simply keep using v1beta1 until you are sure your users have all upgraded.

Prior to Kots 1.17.0 (and support bundle plugin version 0.9.37), support bundles were distributed as separate Analyzer and Collector objects. Kots would take the two objects and combine them into the support bundle. To maintain maximum compatibility, use troubleshoot.replicated.com/v1beta1 with separate kind: Analyzer and kind: Collector files. Only remove them once all of your users have upgraded to Kots 1.19.0 or later.

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